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Renée Klorman, M.S.O.M, L.Ac., RES-CPT

Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicinal Herbalist, and Nutritious Movement Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist

The first time I encountered Chinese medicine was as a patient in a lot of pain. My job was making me sick. I was in my mid twenties, working for a high profile billionaire in midtown Manhattan where making errors was not an option. 

I didn’t know I was falling in love with Chinese medicine during that first visit, but I did know that something absolutely profound occurred, and I wanted to understand why. By the end of my treatment, my shoulder pain was gone and has never returned. By the morning, the debilitating stomach pain was gone and also never returned. I quit my job that week and vowed to never work in an office again.  

Prior to earning an M.S. in Chinese medicine, I was on an academic path. I studied Art History as an undergraduate and then went on to graduate school where I earned an M.A. is Women's/Labor History. I loved the rigor of learning and wanted to continue on to a PhD, but didn't want to jump into a career that would keep me cloistered in a research library for decades to come. 

What I really wanted was to dedicate myself to a profession that not only challenged me intellectually, but also gave me a skill to participate meaningfully in the community where I live. Chinese medicine is the perfect marriage of these two ideals. Chinese medicine is an ancient medicine, but also incredibly practical and applicable to our 21st century living. Everyday I see how effective a few needles or herbs can be to help with pain, digestive issues, insomnia, depression, and a host of other health challenges. I love learning about people and nature through this lens, and finding ways to bridge the ancient with the contemporary.

As this history reflects, I really live to learn. I am always working to increase my knowledge of Chinese medicine to better serve my patients. I am dedicated to a life long learning mission in pursuit of becoming a skilled practitioner and scholar of the medicine. The scholar doctors that have strongly influenced my clinical work are Dr. Heiner Fruehauf (classical Chinese medicine), Sharon Weizenbaum (advanced herbal medicine and diagnosis), Dr. Henry McCann (Master Tung Acupuncture and classical Chinese medicine), Dr. Huang Huang (advanced herbal medicine and diagnosis), and the late Dr. Wang Ju Yi (Channel Palpation and classical Chinese medicine).

For the last four years I have also studied with biomechanist Katy Bowman of Nutritious movement. Nutritious Movement is about helping you understand where your sedentary parts are, and identifying your sticky movement patterns that keep you in pain, inhibit your physical activity, or may be affecting your physiological health. Once we establish this baseline, I create a treatment plan of corrective exercises that will put you on a path to feel better, and move better in 10 years, than you do now. 

When I am not working in the clinic or have my nose in a book, you can find me at higher elevations, hiking / camping with my partner and our dog in the high Sierra mountains. You can follow my adventures on Instagram.  

Why the name Roots and Burls?

Of all the nature metaphors I could use to describe the human body, a tree is my favorite. The leaves express symptoms that come and go, and offer a glimpse of your overall health. The branches are the symptoms that stick around a bit longer and nag you. The trunk, and its rings, bark, and burls break life down into a timeline. The roots tell the history of what is and is not being nourished (air, water, and food), kept safe (community, family, friends, i.e., emotional and physical safety), and are the keepers of history (your DNA/Jing). .

When I am working with someone, I am thinking about all of this and making an assessment about what gets nourished and pruned to help the whole being thrive. This means that I am also thinking about the various paths a present health concern could take, and how they will take shape if nothing is done—a year or ten years from now. From an East Asian medicine perspective, *everything* is connected, which is why this medicine is an art form as much as a science. The beauty of treating the human body this way is that once you see your health through this lens, you can’t unsee it, generating paradigm shifts that support the entire ecosystem, not just the tree.

Renée is Awesome! My sessions with Renee have consistently relieved my pain and helped alleviate my stress. She is knowledgeable, receptive, insightful and down-to-earth. Her approach is professional but also very thoughtful and compassionate and she creates a comfortable environment where healing is truly possible. I feel noticeably better weeks after treatment. Renee is a seriously awesome person and practitioner and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health!
— Tiera S., 2016
Renee is a gifted healer. I have been to many excellent acupuncturists over the past five years, seeking relief from my intense allergies and asthma. Renee is the first practitioner who was able to break the pattern of my disease up, and allow me to go off my daily steroid inhaler for the first time. She is patient, persistent, and exceptionally perceptive. After struggling for so long, even starting to feel like “maybe I’m just one of those people who can’t get better”, she has shown me a whole new future. I give her my highest recommendation.
— Sasha S., 2017
Renee is a saving grace, she has a magic touch that penetrates the subtle energetic body. I have always seen results immediately after receiving treatments by her. Renee approaches healing from a intuitive space which is translated through her knowledge and wisdom of Chinese medicine.
— Sondra H., 2017
Renee has changed the quality of life for my family. She completely resolved my frozen shoulder and my husband’s knee issue that had him periodically immobilized. I continue to see her regularly for balancing women’s health issues, and the benefits are obvious in my daily life. Most recently, she addressed my son’s debilitating insomnia/anxiety/intestinal problems. As a parent, I can’t express enough gratitude for improving his life. With my western medical background as an RN, I don’t fully understand the work she does, but it seems nothing short of miraculous. She is incredibly skilled in her field. I will never be able to thank her enough, and I give her my highest recommendation.
— J.T., 1/2018
I have been seeing Renée for several weeks now and each visit has been a gift. A gift I take home, slowly unwrap, and discover through the days. Each gift has given me a new view of myself, a new appreciation and gratitude for who I am, who I have been, who I have become, and who I am becoming.

This appreciation and gratitude is not only for me but for almost all I encounter, my cat, the sky, my tai chi teachers, my friends, aging, an endless list of presents. Also, each visit with Renée is a recognition of myself in another incarnation, a young me. Thank you, Renée.
— K.D., 4/2017
I look forward to my treatments with Renee. She listens patiently, asks the right questions, and lovingly tucks you in, ensuring you are comfortable and warm.
— Luci W. 2/2016
Just had to tell you I felt great again after that treatment today. You may not have 20 years experience but I feel like you have such an innate wisdom and intuition that is just as valuable if not more than experience. I have been to sooo many different people through the years and tried so many things but I feel like you are really getting to the roots in a way that no one else has really been able to before. Thank you again so much for all you do and all the energy you have put into working with me.
— Tracey S. - 2/2014
You will meet my receptionist caprica, when you visit the clinic. SHe is well trained in the healing art of greeting.

You will meet my receptionist caprica, when you visit the clinic. SHe is well trained in the healing art of greeting.

Renee makes you feel so comfortable with her gentle manners, expertise and kind disposition. I never thought I would enjoy acupuncture so much but I’m so glad I found her!
— N.B. - 5/2015
I would like to say: Thank you Renée!. I got Bell’s Palsy in May of 2015 [A form of facial paralysis resulting from a dysfunction of the cranial nerve causing an inability to control facial muscles on the affected side.] and the doctor told me that it could take weeks to months or even years to go away! I was so sad and worried!!!

My neighbor told me about Acupuncture and specifically about Renée, I went to see her and after she examined and talked to me, she started acupuncture on me right away. She was so gentle and not only made me feel comfortable and relaxed, but also she really knows what she is doing. She explained why and how acupuncture works and we continued with acupuncture every day... and in 2 weeks, I was back to normal!!!

She also gave me some medicine and I haven’t been sick at all!!! Renée not only healed me physically but helped me mentally and emotionally. She helped me and showed me how to be calm and relaxed and for all that I will always be grateful to her... Unfortunately, I had to move to Europe but I do miss having acupuncture as I haven’t find anybody like her.
— Ofelia C. -2/2016