Gifts That Keep Giving All Year - A Holiday Buying Guide


Here is a list of gift ideas that are affordable, eco-conscious, and good for you! 

Gifts to calm the mind. 

Headspace Meditation App

I've been using this app for over a year and love it. You can try it for free first before giving it as a gift too. Once you subscribe, the app unlocks dozens of meditations sets. If you know someone who would like to begin meditating, this is the perfect nudge gift. 

You can go to this link purchase a month or year gift for someone. 

Lisa Congdon Coloring Books

 I love this series by Lisa Congdon.  Coloring books are a wonderful gift to give to the creatives in your life. 

Gifts for the gut and kitchen.

Kefir Fermenting Kit by Kefirko.

This kit makes it so easy to make one of the most probiotic rich foods you can consume. Kefir contains high levels of vitamin B12, calcium, magnesium, vitamin K2, biotin, folate, enzymes and probiotics. You can purchase one of the kits from Amazon or go directly to the Kefirko website. Right now, its on sale for $32 (includes shipping in this cost) at Kefirko when you use the code nourished3 (from the Nourished Kitchen blog). That code will give you 30% off.  For a delicious seasonal recipe, check out this blog post

Photo credit: Mommypotamus blog

Photo credit: Mommypotamus blog

Reusable Food Wrap - DIY or Purchase

Friends don't let friends invest in plastic. If you want to encourage family members, friends, loved ones to stop buying plastic this is the gift you want to make or buy for them. 

Here is a blog post by Mommypotamus on how to make your own. If you are not feeling craftsy you an go to BeesWrap to purchase a set. 

For The Bookworms You Love

I read Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teaching of Plants earlier this year and enjoyed it so much, I've given it as a gift several times. 

If you want to offer an inspiring gift to your favorite bookworm who also appreciates nature, this is the book to give. 

For the outdoors enthusiast in your life. 

For the last five years I have not gone hiking without one of these products from Shining Mountains Herbs. 

Swig It! Gift Package - 60% off right now.

In the winter, my hiking pack always has Warm Up, and in the summer I always carry the High Altitude Help. 

Alpine Respiration Aromatherapy Inhaler - It is so effective that I never go hiking without it. 



Gifts for the politically engaged.

After this election cycle, I've been thinking non-stop about how I want to spend my days, specifically as a healthcare professional. More broadly, I've been putting my money where my politics are and investing in annual memberships that will fight for protections I care deeply about: a woman's right to make choices about her health; the environment and protecting natural resources; human rights; animal welfare. 

For you or loved ones deeply affected by the presidential election, supporting nonprofit organization that do the really hard work in Washington (and locally) is more important than it ever has been in our lifetime. I have friends who are not giving gifts this year, but money in their friend or partner's name to support a cause.