Acupuncture, Qigong, Massage, Chinese herbs, and Nutrition are tools used in clinical Chinese medicine to restore the proper functioning of the body in order to eliminate illness and imbalances. This is what is meant by a ‘holistic’ approach. As a practitioner of East Asian medicine, I am always treating the individual who has the ‘dis-ease’, rather than treating the disease.

If you suffer with any of the conditions below, Chinese medicine can help. Don’t see your condition listed here? Don’t worry, I still may be able to help! Contact the clinic for more information.

Not only did I walk out of there pain-free but I was able to have an enjoyable productive day: did everything I wanted and needed to do and pain shows real compassion and commitment and I’m grateful and impressed: you are walking the walk girl. Renee: better than morphine!
— Bob L., 11/2014


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I just wanted you to know that today was the first time in ages that I was comfortable and pain-free. It felt so wonderful and relaxing. I’ve been uncomfortable for such a long time now, that I really appreciated the comfort of today. Thank you so much.
— Jude P., 11/2014



Chinese Medicine Organ System

What you are doing is somewhat miraculous to me, and I couldn’t thank you enough for even how a few sessions have changed my life. Im in awe! I went from feeling pain 90% of the time to maybe 45% of the time. The catastrophic energy loss I had experienced was going unnoticed by me and ultimately the biggest hurdle in being able to live. Thank you for your help!
— Tara S., 3/2016

Don’t see your condition listed here? Don’t worry, I still may be able to help! Feel free to write me.

My treatment was great. I slept great that night.
— Eileen C. - 6/2015
Renee, I wanted to let you know that after the treatment I had no pain!!! Woke up this morning feeling pretty much pain free.. It’s awesome!!! Thank you!!!
— T.H. - 7/2014
Fantastic treatment!
— Will B., 3/2015