Chinese Medicine Food Journal

Hit any of the images below to download your 5 page PDF food journal. Attribution (Renee Klorman, LAc and a link to this website) is appreciated when you share it on your website, in a newsletter, or social media accounts. Thanks and enjoy!

Your Chinese medicine practitioner can tell a lot about you from what you eat and drink. Maintaining a food journal for a week is a good amount of time to begin to see patterns that might contribute to your chief complaint. If seven days does not seem possible for you, it is then important to record two weekdays and at least one weekend day to get a better snapshot of your daily diet.

Write everything down. The food reference guide provided will help you simplify this process when recording your information on the daily log sheet. Without going into great detail, you can quickly refer to each category of the reference guide to identify all components of the meal. If there is not enough space, simply use the backside of the worksheet.

Please keep in mind that there are no wrong answers or bad food choices. Keeping a food journal is simply an organized way to collect information in order to arrive at the best treatment plan. Only you & the practitioner (with your permission) are going to see what you catalogue.