Stress Reduction Acupuncture Clinic @ KinFolk Yoga

2017 Dates TBA

The community style acupuncture treatment will encourage a deep sense of relaxation to reduce stress and anxiety. This "upstream" approach to healing will also help strengthen your immune system, calm the spirit, and leave you feeling more grounded. In addition, receiving treatment in a room with others is powerful medicine. If you have ever attended a group meditation, you know what I am talking about. With everyone's Qi focused on quieting the mind and body, the healing potential is amplified.

Qi's most important function is that it can move freely, without blockage or stagnation, enabling the many changes and transformations which occur constantly within the human body. When you are feeling stress or anxiety, Qi is inhibited and cannot move through the body freely. When Qi gets stuck, dis-ease occurs. Through the lens of Chinese medicine, nearly every health concern can be traced back to Qi stagnation. (Scroll down to see a chart of the physiological changes your body experiences when stressed or anxious).

The Stress reduction clinic is offered as a refuge to nourish your body and calm the sympathetic nervous system (your "fight or flight" response). Each appointment is 40 minutes. You are also given an after-care sheet so you understand how to maximize the benefits of each treatment. 

How does the clinic work? 

The Stress Reduction Acupuncture Clinic will take place at KinFolk Yoga studio in Grass Valley. You will be laying on the floor for your treatment, so bring your yoga mat (or equivalent) to get set up. Blankets and bolsters are provided to help you get comfy and warm. Wear loose, comfortable clothing so I have access to the areas below your elbow and knees. To harness the power meditation and calm in the room, talking will be kept to a bare minimum. I will personalize your stress reduction treatment based on a brief intake form you will fill out when you schedule online. Walk-in's will fill out the form when they arrive.  

Please set aside an hour for your appointment so you are not rushed. Your acupuncture treatment will be about 40 minutes. The cost is $20 (cash only).  

If you prefer to be spontaneous, be aware that there are a limited number of drop-in slots available and scheduled appointment will  have priority.  Important: On the day of, I will be in the clinic room and unable to answer calls. When you drop in, you will be greeted by someone and guided through the process. 

A few things to remember when you come - 

  • bring a yoga mat, or equivalent to get set up on the floor. 
  • wear comfortable, loose clothing that allows easy access to the areas below your elbows and knees.
  • bring your $20 payment (cash only). Exact payment is much appreciated (i.e., no big bills).
  • bring extra comforts if you like: eye pillow, or ear plugs if you are sensitive to light and/or sound. The room is heated, but if you tend to get cold easily, be sure to bring extra layers to keep your head and core warm during the treatment.
  • travel light. To maintain a meditative space, it will be helpful to leave your bags in the car, and remove loud jewelry before you arrive.
  • and most important, avoid wearing strong scents or spraying perfume on your body and clothes the day of the treatment. This is to help maintain a safe space for people who are sensitive to fragrance and/or chemically sensitive.


Location & Directions

KinFolk Yoga is located in the Alpha Building where Taste of Thai is. The yoga studio is not visible from the street. The best way to find it is to take Richardson St. (where South Pine Cafe is ) and park in the back of Alpha Building parking lot. Enter through the back door and you will see the KinFolk Yoga door as you enter the Alpha Building. Parking is also available on streets and additional parking can be found across from South Pine Cafe or in the public lot on the corner of W. Main St. and S. Auburn St. Address link in google maps

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