Just to let you know that I felt very energized after our last session. It was great being able to function again!
— Christine G. 1/14/17
What you are doing is somewhat miraculous to me, and I couldn’t thank you enough for even how a few sessions have changed my life. Im in awe! I went from feeling pain 90% of the time to maybe 45% of the time. The catastrophic energy loss I had experienced was going unnoticed by me and ultimately the biggest hurdle in being able to live. Thank you for your help!
— Tara S., 3/28/16
I just wanted you to know that today was the first time in ages that I was comfortable and pain-free. It felt so wonderful and relaxing. I’ve been uncomfortable for such a long time now, that I really appreciated the comfort of today. Thank you so much.
— Jude P. 11/4/14
Renee, I wanted to let you know that after the treatment I had no pain!!! Woke up this morning feeling pretty much pain free.. It’s awesome!!! Thank you!!!
— T.H. - 7/10/14
Thank you so much. You are amazing! I feel a 1000 times better.
— Susan E. 9/22/16
The treatment was fantastic and after the first day my foot felt much better (less soreness and an easier time walking), I have been stretching it the way that you showed me as well which helps a lot on a daily basis.
— Angelo C. - 9/1/15
Fantastic treatment!
— Will B. - 3/31/15
Not only did I walk out of there pain-free but I was able to have an enjoyable productive day: did everything I wanted and needed to do and pain free.it shows real compassion and commitment and I’m grateful and impressed: you are walking the walk girl. Renee: better than morphine!
— Bob L 11/14/14
Just had to tell you I felt great again after that treatment today. You may not have 20 years experience but I feel like you have such an innate wisdom and intuition that is just as valuable if not more than experience. I have been to sooo many different people through the years and tried so many things but I feel like you are really getting to the roots in a way that no one else has really been able to before. Thank you again so much for all you do and all the energy you have put into working with me.
— Tracey S. - 2/14/14
You are the first practitioner I have seen that I feel is really listening to me and considering all the dynamics/aspects/etc. Thank you.
— E.Z. - 12/16/15
The formulas I’m on this week are working really well.  Good energy levels, moderate to no pain…Regarding the actual treatment last Saturday, it was fabulous to feel pain free the rest of the day!
— Luci W. 9/17/14
I feel SOOOO much better.
— Corey H. -4/24/14
My treatment was great. I slept great that night.
— Eileen C. - 6/22/15
Great treatment today!
— Carola M.

...on working together.

I would like to say: Thank you Renée!. I got Bell’s Palsy in May of 2015 [A form of facial paralysis resulting from a dysfunction of the cranial nerve causing an inability to control facial muscles on the affected side.] and the doctor told me that it could take weeks to months or even years to go away! I was so sad and worried!!!

My neighbor told me about Acupuncture and specifically about Renée, I went to see her and after she examined and talked to me, she started acupuncture on me right away. She was so gentle and not only made me feel comfortable and relaxed, but also she really knows what she is doing. She explained why and how acupuncture works and we continued with acupuncture every day... and in 2 weeks, I was back to normal!!!

She also gave me some medicine and I haven’t been sick at all!!! Renée not only healed me physically but helped me mentally and emotionally. She helped me and showed me how to be calm and relaxed and for all that I will always be grateful to her... Unfortunately, I had to move to Europe but I do miss having acupuncture as I haven’t find anybody like her.
— Ofelia C. -2/18/16
The variety of treatments during the private session was fantastic. I felt excellent when I left, and continued to feel excellent for more than a week following the private session. I feel great after a regular acupuncture session, but the private session exceeded the regular sessions, and am looking forward to one every three months. The regular sessions not only help me physically, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually. They have literally given me a whole new outlook on life.
— R.R. - 3/28/15
Renee makes you feel so comfortable with her gentle manners, expertise and kind disposition. I never thought I would enjoy acupuncture so much but I’m so glad I found her!
— N.B. - 5/20/15
I look forward to my treatments with Renee. She listens patiently, asks the right questions, and lovingly tucks you in, ensuring you are comfortable and warm.
— Luci W. 2/18/16