If you have health insurance and would like to see if acupuncture is covered, please contact the clinic before scheduling.



I care a lot about my patients, and enjoy the puzzle work of bringing you back into balance, and creating a treatment strategy to keep you that way. Each appointment is a combination of a thorough intake (discussing your health concern, palpation, tongue and pulse diagnosis), and an acupuncture treatment. I am hands on during your appointment, which means that almost every visit may also include indirect moxibustion, gua sha, cupping, massage, and/or teaching you an exercise or qigong meditation. 

In addition, I have 5 years of advanced post-graduate study in Chinese herbal medicine, so I am always thinking about how Chinese herbs, food, and nutrition can assist in the healing process. Most formulas I prescribe are customized, which means the medicine is compounded with herb and dosages that are specific to what you need. 

My goal is that you always leave your appointments knowing exactly how Chinese medicine is going to address your health concern. Expect that you will also have homework (exercises, diet changes, reading) to do in-between appointments. The work we do in the clinic is only a fraction of what Chinese medicine has to offer. The healing journey and true transformation occurs when you also integrate the treatments with the nutritional adjustments, and lifestyle changes. 

Initial appointments are 90 minutes. Follow-up appointments are 60 minutes.

Acupuncture + Bodywork

This appointment is a combination of the description above (Acupuncture Treatment and Consultation) and 30-45 minutes of bodywork addressing a specific area of discomfort.  Tailored to your needs, the bodywork may include myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, medical qigong, trigger point release, or shiatsu. 

I've provided thousands of acupuncture treatments, and by far, the most common thread (regardless of the health concern) is that we all hold stress in our bodies. Dis-ease is a complex narrative between the body, mind, and spirit, and this appointment is designed to investigate the deep seeded patterns that ultimately intertwine the three, as well offer an avenue for relief and healing. 

My bodywork experience is extensive. I trained for two years at one of the best school's in the country, Swedish Institute of Massage in NYC. I worked full time as a body worker while attending Chinese medicine school, gaining 1000s of hours of hands-on knowledge and honing my palpation skills. Between massage and acupuncture, I have more than a decade of experience working in the medical healing arts. This appointment not only focuses all of this knowledge on your health concern, it also gives us the time to understand where it is rooted in the body.

This 90 minute appointment is available to returning patients.

Scheduling Policy

All clinic appointments are scheduled in advance. If you are returning for a follow up appointment, the best way to schedule is online. 

Cancellation Policy

I require at least 24 hours notice when cancelling an appointment. If you do not give me 24 hours notice, the late cancellation fee is the same as the cost of the appointment. When you schedule your appointment, you are agreeing to these terms. You will receive a confirmation email when you schedule your appointment, and a reminder email 48 hrs prior to your appointment. Both emails will have a link to cancel.  In addition, you can reach me via voicemail or email.

Thank you for helping me maintain systems that support the clinic and its community.